Travel Career Opportunities

Become a Travel Therapist with EBS!

Whether you want to move across town, to a new state, or even travel abroad, we have exciting opportunities that will work around your current lifestyle. If you want to explore new cultures and climates, both on the job and off, EBS is the perfect career choice for you! We have several career paths for you to choose from, whether you’re available part time, full time, for a few weeks or months, or even if you want something more permanent. Plus, we have travel positions available from entry-level to supervisory roles!

Best of all, we’ve got you covered! Our team of Career Specialists and Licensure professionals are ready to assist. We'll handle all of the details including relocation assistance, move-in-ready housing, licensure reimbursement, and a sign-on bonus and loan forgiveness for those who qualify. You choose the setting and location, and we will get you there!

Why Travel Therapy?

  • You get to choose your ideal dream destination.
  • You have the flexibility to discover your unique career path.
  • You have ongoing support and mentorship no matter where you choose.

EBS offers a world of choices.

Interested in learning a new language, experiencing a new culture, and impacting lives both locally and abroad? Transform your career with our EBS United division for experiences of a lifetime! Learn More

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Select your Dream Location

Whether you want to work from home (teletherapy), stay local, move to a new state, or travel abroad, our team of Career Specialists is ready to assist and get you to your dream location.

Choose a Setting

You can work in the setting of your choice, whether it is one setting or a hybrid of settings: Early Intervention, homes, communities, EBS Clinics, schools (public, private, charter), and telepractice.

We'll Get You There

Our Career Specialists and Licensure Department have you covered: relocation assistance, move-in ready housing, paid licensure, and a sign-on bonus and loan forgiveness for those who qualify.